The Beav's Mink Set Locations and Catches (Blind Sets) 


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Mink like to travel the dry ground as much as they do the water so look for small trails through the grass that parallel the water line. 

Remember, mink are huggers.... what I mean by that is they stay very close to things. So your trap has to be very close to the bank. I like to place the loose jaw against the bank, sometimes I will shave the bank so the trap will set closer, at times I will raise the loose jaw a bit to get the trap closer. A mink is very small and light-footed so you don't want much pan tension.

I like large traps, I use mostly #2 coil springs and some 1.75's.The reaso">I like large traps, I use mostly #2 coil springs and some 1.75's.The reason for the large traps is you have a very large kill area (pan), the trap has high jaws and will get a high hold on the mink.  I have never lost one using this method.

The weight of the traps will drown a mink much faster then a smaller trap. I also use these traps for all my 'rat trapping for the same reason.



Get out and scout the area.  Pick up the over hanging grass along the bank, you will be surprised at what you will see.  This is where the mink lives and hunts.



I'm pretty much a blind setter, but I do set some pocket sets at times. When you make pocket sets, keep the entrance out of the water a bit.  The mink will still look in and if the water rises a bit your set will still be working. I always place the trap outside the pocket entrance, reason being is that most mink will not enter the pocket. They just stand and look,  mink are very good hunters and are very seldom hungry.  If you use bait, it should be fresh and staked in the back of the hole. Some grass pushed into the sides of the pocket will give you some eye appeal.  It will look like a 'rat is using the hole.  'Rat meat is probably your best bait.



Buy some good mink books 

Here are some that I recommend:

Mink Trapping Techniques by Charles Dobbins

The Mink Trappers Guide: by Rich Faler

Dynamite Mink & Coon Trapping by Tom Krause

Mega Mink Methods by Gerald Schmitt


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